Damaged sidewalks and drives distract from the beauty of a lovely lawn or a backdrop house. Uneven concrete slabs can be a tripping hazard or equal a safety issue for visitors and residents. When the soil settles beneath them or can no longer sustain them, concrete slabs sink. If the slab is left alone without being repaired, it will only cause further damage.

Sidewalks and driveways are vulnerable to several pressure and hazardous hazards that cause foundation issues and necessitate Sidewalk Maintenance in Brooklyn, as Adgen construction understands. We’ve assisted a large number of homeowners throughout the city in mending potentially unsafe cracks in their sidewalks or driveways that could result in a sidewalk violation removal, and the results have left them safe.

How will the Repairing Process be carried out?

Adgen construction combines a dependable slab lift solution. This is one of the most cost-effective and time-efficient methods for lifting a damaged slab and replacing it with a new one. Slab lifting also helps to improve the soil conditions, which will aid to keep the parts together. Failing slabs may usually be replaced or repaired in a day or two, causing little or minimal disturbance to the clients. During Sidewalk Crack Repair in Brooklyn, the following procedure is followed.

  • Holes are drilled through the slabs with the aid of a driller to gain access to the soil beneath them.
  • The perforations are then filled with polyurethane foam.
  • The foam elevates the damaged slabs to a stable level hydraulically.

What Kinds of Services Do We Offer?

The sidewalks built by Adgen construction are compacted in nature and have a 4 inch stone base. The concrete utilised in the installation has a high compressive strength of 4500 PSI. We are one of the best Sidewalk Contractors in Brooklyn since we can complete applications in a variety of methods, such as with a magnesium finish. The following is a list of the services we give to our clients.

  • Sidewalk or flatwork
  • Curb installation and repair
  • Docks are being loaded.
  • Decorative concrete for the interior
  • Parking lots are being built.
  • Removal of Bumper Sidewalk Violations
Removal of Violations on the Sidewalk

The Department of Transportation (DOT) inspects New York City’s sidewalks to ensure that they are all structurally sound. Inspectors from the Department of Transportation visit every neighborhood and shut down places where injuries have been recorded. Then send a violation notice to the homeowner who is the subject of the complaint. Collapsing sidewalks, hardware trips in the centre of a sidewalk, uneven sections, fractured concrete, and other defects may result in violations. Brick Repair NYC has a solid reputation for managing all of Brooklyn’s Sidewalk Violation Removal. For fixing and eliminating infractions, we are one of the most trusted, professional, and speedy contractors.

Why Should You Hire Us for Sidewalk Repair in Brooklyn, NY?

For a wide spectrum of consumers, Adgen construction is devoted to offering exceptional Sidewalk Repair services in Brooklyn NY. Our company’s objective is to be renowned for its long-term and exceptional client relationships—nothing more, nothing less. Our fundamental values include characteristics such as providing high-quality service, team safety, and on-time delivery.

Adgen construction has been the #1 sidewalk repair contractor in Brooklyn for over ten years, providing homeowners with consistency. The following are some of the benefits of using our company’s services.

  • For some projects, there are lifetime guarantees.
  • More than 50 places in New York City have been served.
  • More than 100 highly qualified and experienced repair technicians make up our team.
  • Since 2017, more than 60000 piles have been erected around the country.

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