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25 Years Of Undefeated Success

The journey to 25 years of undefeated success has not only been about constructing buildings but also about building enduring partnerships with clients, suppliers, and the communities we serve. Our commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainable practices reflects our vision for a future where our impact extends beyond construction sites, positively influencing the world around us.


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We have a wealth of experience in all types of new construction. From initial planning through completion, Adgen Construction has high quality professionals committed to providing outstanding client services.


Building waterproofing is critical for preserving and extending the lifespan of a structure and its many…


Brick Pointing constructor New York City At the start of any masonry work, a thick layer…

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Our construction company employs responsible land mining practices to secure essential raw materials…



Paver stones have become the better choice for every form of outdoor project, large or little,…


WaterProofing Experts New York the importance of waterproofing a structure in terms of increasing its…


Window Lintels Caulking in New York window lintels are an important feature of an infrastructure because they…

Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

  •  Interact with people in their place of work
  •  Have better safety conversations
  •  Do what you say

We Follow Best Practices

We Like to achieve these things on time


Employees have many years of experience in Our Company

Quality construction continues after the project

We use technology to do the job more quickly

Employees are continually trained on safety issues

Our Latest Works

Science Lab Building

New York, USA

VerrazzanoNarrows Bridge

New York, USA

World Trade Center

New York, USA

Deep Sea Bridge

New York, USA

Whar Our Clients Say

Alice Howard

A discerning client with a taste for elegance and functionality. Partnering to create spaces that seamlessly blend sophistication with practicality, tailored to her lifestyle.

Nathan Marshall

A visionary client with a keen eye for design and a commitment to excellence. Collaborating to turn his ideas into beautifully crafted spaces that reflect his unique style of Adgen Constructions.

Ema Romero

An innovative client with a flair for modern aesthetics. Crafting personalized spaces that capture Ema's contemporary vision and reflect her distinctive taste in design.

Ann Smith

A client with a timeless appreciation for classic elegance. Collaborating to bring her refined taste to life in meticulously crafted spaces that stand the test of time.

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Build cities with sustainable practices, prioritizing green infrastructure and smart technology to enhance livability. Foster inclusive communities through diverse housing, efficient public transportation, and active resident engagement for a harmonious and resilient urban future.

Successfully managing the $45 million construction project, ensuring precision, efficiency, and quality. Delivering a winning result through meticulous planning, skilled execution, and strategic resource allocation.

Developing transformative cities and communities involves integrating sustainable practices, promoting inclusivity, and leveraging technology for efficient infrastructure. Prioritizing green initiatives, affordable housing, and community.